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Oyedunmade Adedoyin (O.A.): Societies’ Role in Inspiring Scientific Curiosity and Creativity

During his demonstration of the carbon filament light bulb on December 31st, 1879, in Menlo Park, Thomas Edison said; “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will light candles”, and ever since then, the world has come through a revolution in electricity generation so vast that it is permissible to say that the world as we know it today will be different if Edison hadn’t gotten the initiative to create the light bulb.
Of course at the time, the invention must have seemed unnecessary if not mundane to the populace but it is with the intention of creating what Edison saw as a necessity to the society that he brought together his group of scientists and inventors to work out various ways in which phonography, electricity and various things could be improved.
Although it is clear that Edison tailored his inventions to be in line with the societal needs at that time, it must also be noted that this came to be because of the influence of the society itself on the inventor. As a result of this, it is difficult if not impossible to fully understand a scientist without at least having a glance at his background.
The society is not merely an illusion of the human mind, it is a manifestation of man’s activities from birth to death in conjunction with his interactions with his fellow human beings. It is to be noted that the society did not come to be by any sort of agreement but because of its necessity in maintaining man’s existence. So when anything comes from a man, we trace it back to the society that has succeeded in producing that man.
Also, science did not just fully grow in a day, it was something that manifested over time with evolution so that when the first man decided that bones could be use as weapons, it was a science because science can be likened to the enligtenment of the human mind, an illumination in the dark without which the human race will be nothing but a bunch of cave men living in caves like chimpanzees but this science could not have coke to be if there had not been some certain factors. So when Galileo Galilei said that the earth revolves around the sun in a planetary orbit and not the other way round, it was because he sought out to find a way to prove the conceptions that were held about astronomy in his seventeenth century society.
Furthermore, as can be seen in the modern world, many inventions in the line of Information and Communication Technology have been on a steady increase not merely because the world is ready for it but because the world is in need of it. It is largely because of the breakthroughs in this sector that the world has become a global village.
In conclusion, as it is impossible for something to be created out of nothing, so also is it that it is impossible that without the society breathing inspiration into the works of scientists, they would have suffered a major roadblock and the study would have lost its popularity even before its rise.

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