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OGIINI MOBOLAJI RICHARD: Human Dependence On Technology[computers Especially]:Benefits and Harms

To start with what is Technology itself?
Technology is the use of science in industry engineering to invent useful things
Or to solve problems.

The term Technology came from the Greek word ‘Techne’ meaning art and craft
and the word logos, meaning word and speech. It was first
used to describe applied arts, but it is now used to
described advancements and changes that affects the
environment around us.

What is a computer?
A computer is an electronic device
that stores and processes data, according to a list
of instructions. It allows a user to manipulate data
very easily.

Before we take a look at the benefits and harm of technology let us take a brief
Look at the history of technology;
Technology can be dated back to the time of our forefathers about some
Million years ago.
The first major set of technology was tied to human survival,hunting and food
preparation and it can be termed the STONE AGE.
The era of stone tool use is called the ‘paleolithic’ and span the history up to
the development of agriculture about 12,000 years ago after then the STONE
AGE developed into the BRONZE AGE after the neolithic revolution then after
a while the BRONZE age evolved into IRON AGE.

Now, After knowing a bit about the history of technology let us go into the
Advantages and Disadvantages of technology[Computers Especially]..

Ever since the first invention of computers in 1937 by Dr. John V. Anatasoff
and Clifford Berry Life has seem a little bit easier. Let us take a look at some
• SAVES TIME: Today, there are a dozen of service that can help you save
time e.g You can easily pay make transaction on ur Bank Account instead of
wasting unnecessary time going to the bank.
• HELPS STORE INFORMATION: In the early 21st century, Some devices have
been invented with a large memory to helps store information and access it
any given time which might take the human brain months to handle.
• MAKING MONEY: Since the advancement in Technology, People has earn
a fortune through online businesses for example, it is cheaper to create an
Online store than having a physical store.
• COMMUNICATION: Technology has made it easier for us to communicate
each other across the globe no matter the time via the use of email e.t.c
• FOR LEARNING: Computers have made life easier for students instead of
buying textbook they can easily download the softcopy online for a cheaper
rate and they can watch tutorial videos online.
Those are some of the many advantages of Technology(Computers especially)
Now let’s go into the harms or disadvantages.

As it is always said there’s nothing with Advantages without disadvantages now
Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages.
• CYBER CRIME: This is the most common disadvantages of computers wherein
people are being defrauded of their money also termed ‘yahoo yahoo’ in Nigeria
this can include lying,hacking and all sort of tricks and many youths have landed
In prison because of this.
• HEALTH ISSUES: The impact of technology on our social,mentalphysical and
Environmental health can be devastating. Computers and other technological
Devices emits a small amount of Electromagnetic Radiation which when fully
accumulated in the body can cause some health issues e.g like staring at a
monitor for a long time can cause eye problems and the E.M radiation from
Phone and computers can cause low sperm count.
• ADDICTION: Some youths of nowadays are now addicted to their phones and
Laptops and it can lead to accidents e.g someone chatting while driving.

Those are some of the disadvantages of technology.
With all that well said we can see that human can’t do without technology and
There are many research going on in decreasing the harms technology can

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