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Odukogbe Emmanuel Tomileye: Human Dependence on Technology [Computer Especially]; Benefits And Harm.

Thinking about when the only means of communication to family and friends in far places were only through letters, of which would take days (or weeks) before we get reply. Or when a singular assignment would imply going to library in order to get it done, we all would agree that times have changed and we have evolved with the help of Technology.
Technology has been traced back to the ancient man who in his earliest years have always developed methods and way to improve in doing basic things. But with the invent of computer in Technology has no doubt skyrocketed change in every area of man’s life.
The computer is an electronic device that can be given commands so as to carry out sequences of arithmetic and logical operations. It was first developed in the 19th century, by Charles Babbage who attempted to build a machine called the “Differential Engine’’ and different innovations has since been done in the 20th century. The 21st century birthed advanced system such as the mobile phones, telecommunications and space, electronic education, commerce and lots more.
No doubt that technology as touched all areas of the human’s existence ranging from Education, Banking, Governance, Employment, Communication and humans have become too dependent on this technology in form of Computer especially from meagre things like adding of numbers in their minds to even meaning of simple words, it is now done of mobile devices to show the level of dependency. As technology has helped and benefitted man, it does not fall short of its own harm.
Information and communication has been greatly improved, now information are quickly accessed and can be sent within splits of seconds to interested people, lots of companies operate in this sector. It emerged from the area of sending mail through post offices to efficient and faster ways of doing do. The invention of social media like the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. has shown how fast information can be passed.
The education sector has been also been positively affected by the computer dependency as most libraries or institution have innovation e-libraries that can stores thousands of journals without the fear of physical damage or fire breakout or insufficiency of the books if they were only availability in hardcopy forms. The accessibility of books through the internet by computer is a thumbs up innovations as people anywhere in the world can have access to books and some academic publications.

Health worker, organization and techniques have been improved by human’s dependence on computer. Now illness detections, treatments, scans, result have all gotten better over the years owning to technology. Now a pregnant woman can know the sex of her unborn child through ultra-scan. Surgeries can now be effectively be monitored with the help of special computers.
Production companies and industry would not deny the role the computers have played in making of works better and easier. Now most factories and industries computerized processes and designs to avoid errors and inaccuracy in production.
E-commerce and banking has advanced tremendously as transactions can be done via the internet securely from any part of the world unlike when computer have not affected this sector.

Since the dependency on technology has risen, so many jobs have been replaced by this computers, examples include the work of a clerks has been replaced the computer, who one can send use in sending errands. The work of some securities have been replaced with digital cameras i.e. CCTV and lot of other works have replaced by the technology man has created.
Productivity amongst youths is an alarming area where youths and teenagers have become addicted to video games and to pornography. Due to accessibility of internet by everyone, there are explicit stuffs on the internet that are age restricted but it’s still viewed by people of lower ages.
The problem of plagiarism is a top notch one, as ideas or research works have been dubbed since the internet can provide access to them, even copyright offences are more common due to the dependency on computer, and different works could be imitated even though strict laws are placed against it.
If the problems of plagiarism, copyright issues, replacement of man’s employment with computer can be drastically curbed, one would conclude that Human Dependence on Technology with emphasis on Computer have greatly benefitted us all.
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