There is the popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention, nonetheless, needs are not the only determinants of the extent of commitments of man to explore and invent. Human wants, luxury, interest in manipulating the components and features of the ecosystem as well as the desire to contribute to knowledge also play a large role in the rates of scientific researches and inventions.
However, necessity as a central factor that influences inventions cannot be undermined. Needs of man in any community are usually based on societal cultures, religion, demographic structure, political system, psychosocial inclinations and status, education and profession of the people. These elements define the drive and direction of scientific curiosity and creativity. Science has been identified as a key ingredient that makes life easy in the society as well as a tool for propelling the interaction of man and his environment.
The usefulness and efficiency of science is one which cannot be underrated because science is the light that brightens our world. The world is moving gradually with science and its application as technological advancements isn’t possible without science. It is therefore mandatory in return for every society to take positions that will help in spurring interests in individuals as this explains how science can be used to make the change we all desire.
Qualitative research practices should be shown to all as many are going to be driven by passion to delve into science due to the excellence it depicts. The mind is designed in a way that moves the body when exposed to fascinating experiments and science is known to be full of exciting experiments.
Science is known for critical thinking as several careful analysis is to be made from theories which bring about experiment to confirm the level of accuracy. The society can regard showing the thoughts science spell out by showcasing notable scientists and what they have produced which we all use in our respective homes, offices, schools and everywhere in the world today. It is important to note that the creativity embedded in science has the highest capabilities of leaving many completely astonished. Creativity is an art and science that deals with the application of organized body of knowledge in dynamism to the art of creating something out of nothing or brewing value from null. Without any iota of doubts, the research, experiments and application of science is solely efficacious when garage of emergencies spring up.
Science awareness events and programs create excitements and incite curiosity as these programs unveil the beauty of science for all to see, thus awakening consciousness to the interactive relationship between man, the environment and science. The assemblage of great scientists to a gathering of individuals opens the mind and also dwindle the less participation in science related activities. Science contains several varieties and there must be something that interests one. It can come from the production of basic and luxury needs of man including production of food, clothing, housing facilities, cars, phones, cooking utensils to mention but a few.
The system by which the environmental needs define creativities and inventions and in return having such scientific outputs shape and define the life of man in the society can be referred to as Environmental Probabilism. This deals with how the interactions of man and the society contribute an interwoven influence on science and technology. The importance attached by the society to health, communication, education, commerce and other human activities play a key role in societal discoveries born out of the demands placed by humans on science and technology in getting desired components for living and ease of carrying out such activities.
Everyday human activities in a bid to ensure cyclical and web performance of the society in order to meet human needs and wants leads to scientific curiosity and creativity. This is to ensure that the society is fortified and shaped to be able to satisfy man and his desires. Man lives each day carrying out activities aimed at affording him the best of life in his reach. Therefore, his activities influence scientific curiosity and creativity aimed at making his environment sufficient enough to offer him the type of life he desires per affordability.
Science enhance beauty, ease and functionality of life but the society plays a key role in defining needs to be met by science that births creativity and inventions. The drive and anxiety to meet the everyday demands of the society projects the beauty of science.

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