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NWAUBANI BRENDA: Religion and Science; the key to Nigeria’s greatness.

The world we live in is rapidly evolving, science is seen as the answer to most of humanities problems, with each theory, each new discovery, religion is been relegated to the background, seen as abstract, restrictive and of no use to this modern age. In light of this, Nigeria can be seen as over religious, boasting of three major religion and other minorities, this would seems to be the reason we stand on the threshold of change without taken a step forward.
However, contrary to popular believe, Religion plays a major role in the life of people; it provides answers to numerous problems that plague the human mind, questions about life, and its essence. Tomorrow and the troubles it brings life after death, and other everyday thoughts. Although it’s ideas have raised several queries with scientist, it hasn’t stopped countries like China, India, Qatar and a host of others from proven it possible to seamlessly combine religion and science. Each holds different strong religious group and yet are amongst the leading nations in infrastructure, health, tourism respectively. We can thus conclude religion isn’t the reason for Nigeria’s setback after all but rather our myopic view of science as something alien to us, we wish only to know the end result, failing to ask why or find out why it is so. Religion is also used as a cloak to hide our flaws; change is refused, growth is stunted by stealing, hope is preyed upon whereas lasting solutions aren’t provided. Wars divide us as each sect claims to be better than the other preventing the stems of unity from taken root.
In other to restore the greatness which lies in our nation;
Denial and blame games should be forfeited: awareness must be aroused amongst every citizen, we must let go of the old, putting on a new clothe, one sewn with religion and science. We must let go of this divides and rather seek a common ground. In embracing the new, we must rid ourselves of superstitious believes, old wives tales which hold no water, becoming open minded to new possibilities, ready to experiment, to fail and to start afresh .Giving up the fear of the unknown and finding new meaning to the known.
A leaf should be borrowed by the government from advanced countries who have explored and are still exploring the wonders of science, grants and incentive should be giving to universities and research center, promoting old experiments, research and initiating new discoveries, thus creating an enabling environment which breeds innovation and free thinking.
Rather than been used as an element of fear and shackle of bondage, religion should be used as a stronghold for the protection of the people and their welfare as well as a benchmark for setting boundaries to be drawn, for as science is the key to unlocking numerous possibilities, revealing knowledge which brings power, religion is the key to the soul, the foundation on which man builds his core values thus giving him control over his environment.
Religion and science should not be seen as rivals, but rather complementary tools. By realizing the two are not parallel, but rather an entwined branch, we can thus unlock the catalyst which will bring our country out of mediocre.


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