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PEPSA Online Writing Competiton – Stage 2

Hey there… if you are reading this then it must mean that you were one of those that got the required percentage at the first stage to make it to this stage. If you didn’t, then just close the page and don’t bother to waste any more time.

So without much ado we are just going to dive right into business. In this stage of the competition, you are going to be given various topics for you to pick from. Bear in mind that grading systems are still the same and our judges are still the same set of savage dudes that graded during the previous stage but this promises to be even bloodier.

The topics to pick from are;

  1. Human Dependence On Technology [Computers Especially]: Benefits And Harm.
  2. Students Are Smarter Because Of The Internet – Write Against Or In Support Of It.
  3. Using Science To Drive Innovation: Challenges And Opportunities.
  4. Societies’ Role In Inspiring Scientific Curiosity And Creativity.
  5. Religion And Science: How Can They Work Together To Make The Country Great Again.

All you have to do is pick one topic and write on it.

Submissions are to be made the same way they were made in the first stage and please this time, include your name and phone number in your submissions.

Deadline for submission is 2 weeks from now i.e. 22nd of April and a reminder might not be forthcoming like it came during the first stage of the competition because it would be an advantage for the judges and our department if you fail to submit.

Goodluck, we hope to hear from you soon.

For complaints and enquiries, contact us @pepsaeic@gmail.com or call 08132900153 and 08153718080.

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