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PEPSA Online Writing Competition First Stage Results


***Drum Rolls***

Good day people, Hope your holidays are still going fine and we hope this meets you well.

However, it is with great joy that we announce to you that the first stage for the PEPSA Online Writing Competition is over. #Yippee. We kind of know how long people have been waiting and we apologize for the delay. Just so you know, the succeeding stages would be shorter.

Many people will not even read up to this paragraph because they are just anxious to see their results… but if you are reading this religiously then well-done.

The judges had a really hard time grading your submissions but at last they finished it. I also went through it myself to be sure that all results that I send out today will be fair ones.

Judges gave points based on;

  • Creativity – 40%
  • Structure – 20%
  • Grammar – 10%
  • Wow factor – 10%
  • Adherence to topic of choice – 10%
  • Bonus – 10%

Funny thing is many people still had 0% in the grammar section, I read through myself and yes they sort of deserved it. Well for reasons best known to us we would not be revealing the names of participants and we would not be giving the break down of the grades, just the title of the submissions and the total grades for them.

And here you have it;

A Pack Of Many Colours – 50%

To The Bullied – 60%

There Was A Community – 90%

The Horrors Of Our Street – 70%

Twinge – 60%

The Outsider – 80%

The Moment – 70%

Bliss Of Ignorance – 40%

Brother’s Keeper – 30%

Street Children – 50%

Agriculture – 80%

Hope – 60%

Nigeria; A Place Like No Other – 50%

I Wish – 70%

Excogitation – 50%

Companion Of Despair – 60%

The Media And The Nigerian Students – 80%

Nostalgia – 100%

Euthanasia; The Act Of Mercy-Killing – 100%

Untitled [By O.A.] – 100%

P.S. If you fail to find your own submission here then it means it was plagiarized and we are “not” sorry about that.

As seen in the update, you need a minimum of 55% to scale through to the next round. If you have failed to make it to 55% then we are sorry this is the end of the road for you. You know the drill, nobody is a loser – we believe everyone tried their best but shit happens.

Congratulations to those who made it to 55%, you have given us a taste of what you can cook up now it is our turn to give you the ingredients. PROCEED TO THE NEXT STAGE BY CLICKING HERE.

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