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A Pack Of Many Colours

Name: Olusanya Fountain.


With a pack of different colors; a blank space made available.

Herded to the institute where the space is filled up; paintings of another, imposed on her.

Attempted to use her own colors; but they screamed no! That is not the norm.The creator weeps at this.

Much older now!The pack of many colors long forgotten; doing well mastering the works of others

That blank space fills up with nothing original; not a single marking of the initial pack

The final bridge approaches; return to the creator imminent; white hair proudly announcing this.

She stumbles upon a blast from a time that seems a lifetime ago.

Sheseesanoriginalattemptfromatimewhenshe attempted use her own colors; before life and its learning institutions won.

She attempts to paint with her colors; but the space is no longer blank and it is filled with no familiar markings for the original pack to pick up;the attempt was feeble.

She calls her successor; the one she made and delivered.

She implores her daughter to make use of her own colors even as she learns from the paintings of others; “don’t be like me” she pleads.

With a full pack she came; with a full pack she left; she only hoped her daughter would leave empty.

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