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The Media And The Nigerian Student

                               THE MEDIA AND THE NIGERIAN STUDENT

Over the years since its advent, the media has played a major role in the dissemination of information and in the aiding of human communication. In fact, the media has helped in the creation of jobs and the discovery of new ideas and potentials. The usefulness of the media in our everyday lives cannot be overemphasized due to the fact that it has grown its tentacles in every sphere of life and human society, the frontline of its tentacles being the social media.

The media is an all-encompassing concept. The internet, which is its major forte has been a data bank of information that is almost unlimited. The Nigerian society has evolved to a stage where it has been able to integrate the media in our day to day activities. In recent times, there has been a growing concern on how to integrate the media into the education system. The Nigerian student, who is our case study in this exposé, is the target of the proposed integration. The easy access to the media and information world has had several effects on the Nigerian student. The social media to be precise has had impact on the life and learning of the Nigerian student. Some effects are benign in nature while some others are malignant and detrimental. The nature of the effects of the media on the Nigerian student is pivoted on how and why he uses it. Whilst the media could be resourceful to the knowledge acquisition of the Nigerian student, it could also be detrimental to his education.

Some benign effects of the media on the Nigerian student include; exposure beyond classroom lectures, easy access to information and an avenue for interaction between students. Most times, due to the stringent restriction of time, most lectures or classes are not totally expository on the topic or subject being treated. To this effect, the onus lies on the student in question to do some research on the topic or subject. With the help of the media,  This ensures that the student has comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. The fact remains that however the media affects the Nigerian student, he should be able to decipher how to utilize it’s resources in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Some detrimental effects of the media on the Nigerian student include; cyber-crime, fraud, addiction and loss of self-esteem. Most times, due to the fact that Nigerian students comprise mainly of the youth, there is bound to be an exhibition of youthful exuberance. To this effect, there has been a decline in the moral values of the society.  Due to easy and speedy access to the media, the Nigerian student soon gets addicted and loses focus. He or she could also engage in cyber crime, cyberbullying and other cyber vices which could be committed without anyone knowing.

The effects of the media on the Nigerian student is inexhaustible and may not be expatiated in this expose. The fact remains however, that the media; mainly the internet, has made an impact on the life and learning of the Nigerian student.


by: Kolade Modupe

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