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I’m a busy man, my noble audience, so I’ll make this quick

Discard useless nostalgia, you don’t need it

I’ll give you proper course correction, while I chew meat

Do you need physical contact to come to your sense?

My left hand will drop down and smack you in the chest

Surprised? In the past the better man isn’t decided by chess

‘Like a man’, they say, you fight it out in a slugfest

But you are lucky, now exam is the only contest

There is no need for fight

So instead of deriding technology’s new height

Keep calm and enjoy it’s advantages a’ight?

When you jetisson nostalgic thoughts about twilight

You will, like the world, evolve and take to flight

Oya raise up you hands if you are a forward thinker

Let’s recognize the group dubbed winners

You have the right to make your choice , yeah

History of slavery, war, diseases and monarchy, oh dear

If you chose that, you definitely take beer,

I’m a deep thinker, so I’ll point things wrong

With your scurvy-ridden trip back to useless times!

Ask a sage, he’ll prefer Vodka to palm wine

I salute you all, my fellow futurists

Who prefer flying on a plane to being bound by the wrist

So show respect, or pack your things and go live in witchcraft age

There is no use wishing you were a sage

Staying up till twilight to tell cautionary tales

Everyone wants to see the future; the next evolutionary stage

Throughout history, evolution has always been an advantage

You had a taste of the past way before you were fourteen

You didn’t like it, that’s why we aspire to be presidents, not Queens

Let’s set a quick test, shall we?

Let’s see you build a time machine, pack up all your things

Go live in the past, and in the future we’ll see what’s left of all your teeth

If Danfo is no Horse, then Candle is no bulb

You use gadgets, social networks and internet, just nod

You don’t contact Ogun, Sango, Oya, or the Oracle, that’s odd

Enough of fantasizing idols, you worship the new gods!

So Atupa lit your ways, Ijapa guided your steps

And the whole community helped with your baby steps

Yanrinbo was only a circumstantial folklore hero at best

The 2hours thirty minutes Suicide Squad thought more than Ijapa will ever teach.

The heat a lantern produces was the only huge feat

Today, microwave is the only thing we need to bring the heat

don’t argue the ‘known devil is better than the new angel’ in this case

If you knew anything, you’d never side with the devil in the first place

You and I know you’d rather not carry yams in a basket case

Abstaining because a rule in a society dictates

Or a personal decision to remain celibate

Which is a greater virginity achievement?, please state

So you see, abstinence in the new world carries more weight

You spent time in the past, you gained nothing

Nostalgia is a mind trap, ask Edward Norton

You need to think again, and choose now

You can take a trip back in time when asleep or not

The best the past deserves is a passing thought

Roses are red, nightlocks are blue,

If you are sleeping on the fence, waiting to choose,

Wake up so you don’t get stuck in the past too.

This is Quistar preaching, I hope you get this message, capiche?


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