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Nigeria A Place Like No Other

The word Nigeria originated from Niger and its area which was metamorphised to Nigeria by Flora Shaw Lugard 1898, the popular saying giant of Africa was given to the country because of her high population. Blessed with brainy citizens and enormous natural resources, which would have made her the richest and one of the countries with best economy in the world if it had been properly managed. The advent of democratic rule in 1999 after  several years of military dictatorship was expected to usher is into new era of opportunities in terms of improved social infrastructure, economic empowerment, good governance in general , many years in the democratic dispensation the culture of impunity associated with the military and institutional corruption hold sway while hope for social and economic improvement of the lots of the majority remain largely a mirage, we adopted democratic system but never practiced.

It is in Nigeria abductors will kidnap students with the motive to islamise and not collect money for ransom, the security of citizen isn’t guaranteed when herdsmen can brag into any community to kill people, even  the  president is tribalistic imagine him complaining of genocide when the military men were retaliating the rancorous attack of the so called herdsmen who have no business with guns use ak47 instead of using an ordinary stick on their herds of cattle.

Cankerworm of corruption as eaten deep into the veins of public officers that they tend so see every government office as means of looting funds into their private account at the detriment of the nation and this is the major reason why there isn’t any noticeable development in virtually all the sectors .

The decline in the quality and standard of education in Nigeria is alarming despite the fact that quality of education in any country is one of major keys to national development but still public schools which are for the majority who cannot afford the exorbitant fees paid in private schools suffers from poor governance and management, corruption, poor teacher’s welfare and so on ,the poor state of public schools cannot be over emphasised even when some of those who hold reputable post cannot defend their certificates because they were forged so they don’t even know the value of quality education and they would prefer to send their wards overseas to study and even for medical attention .

A secular humanist in Africa history and a Nigeria nationalist Tai Solarin once said and I quote “a man without education is totally unqualified to build a nation”.


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