I Wish


I wish I could peep into the future;

To know, if life itself was worth living without measure;

Rather than living in absolute probation;

That is edgeless like a circle, with no actual destination.


I wish I could stealthily go back to yesterday;

Maybe,I’d come back home from the places;

Where I’d blindly wandered and strayed

I’d kiss momma, tell her I’ll be successful and I’d go places.


I wish I could beat the supremacy of time;

Maybe, I’d be clean without owing anyone a dime;

I’d reduce hatred, been balanced with love around;

I’d genuinely love everyone, with peace abound.


Sometimes I even wished I was a wish;

Not as worthless a slave but as a worthy teacher to teach;

That humanity is what we should cherish;

That we may spread mutual love and not to be selfish.


Ha! I wish momma didn’t smile at me too much;

When my fist could barely make a punch;

Telling me the world was indeed colourful afield;

Well, I fell into the normal trap as a thoughtless kid;

Her smile now is a symbol of strength, that I’ll make her proud and be fit.


I wish this was not a poem written by someone who seems to be drunk;

But a realistic speech from someone much more important like Donald Trump;

Oh! What happened to my thoughts;

I’m surprised I wrote them out, they’ve got guts.


I am very grateful to you this patient reader;

For reading my above lines probably because you want to be a leader;

I wish I didn’t write this piece in rhymes;

Maybe, you’ll shamelessly ride my boats of thoughts irrespective of the time;


But alas it’s a poem.





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