In the land of misery and JEOPARDY

We all wake up full of believe and ECSTASY

Even though we are full of distress and our life is in ANARCHY

Even though we are surrounded by our ADVERSARIES

We still have one thing in mind “HOPE”


Although We are surrouded by champions We still wanna be the BEST

Even though we might have failed the Examination even the TEST

We always keep pushing forward we will never RELENT

Even though they say we’re never gonna make it even if we REPENT

We still have one thing in mind “HOPE”


Even when there’s trouble and there’s no peace of MIND

When the closest things to us are hard to FIND

Even though there are ‘Everest’ of Mountain we have to CLIMB

Even when we take some circumstances as God’s DESIGN

We still have one thing in mind “HOPE”


Even though we’re hidden from the truth and we’re fed with LIES

Even when we’re alone in the ocean with the highest TIDES

Even though we hide Our principle and we hide Our PRIDE

Just to make it through the waves just to SURVIVE

We still have one thing in mind “HOPE”


OGINNI Mobolaji richard

a.k.a Ricandy

About Oluseyi Komolafe

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