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There’s this feeling that death creates, a vacuum sort of,.a form of emptiness.The death of a loved one makes you wonder if there truly is a world beyond this present world.You look at some things, and still see the person there.Someone utters a particular phrase and your mind shifts back to the deceased.The scent of a particular perfume brings back memories you both shared unconsciously and it makes you wonder if others still think of the dead.The mention of the name triggers an unexplainable feeling in you and sends shivers round your body because it reminds you of the tentativeness and futility of life.Sometimes after having a really tough day and you try to genuflect, you try to restrain yourself from asking for the inevitable but which is also considered unutterable to some, who prefer to hide beneath the shadows of the present bliss and fail to recognize the impending and constant global phenomenon which is always marked by a definite sense of loss. we often try to cast away the thoughts of losing our loved ones because we find it difficult to imagine how cataclysmic the effects would be. Our lives have become built around certain persons, family, and friends so the thought of losing them makes us think our walls would fall. they could shake, crumble or eventually fall but the bitter but factual truth is that our lives have inherently been shapened by the actions and inactions of the ones we held dear to our hearts and the course of our lives would forever be altered by the impact they were able to exert on us.Most walls can be rebuilt but the time of the remolding could vary. Some could take weeks, months or even years to build but it would mean you’d have to rebuild your wall without putting that particular stone at the center. life is  beautiful, love deeply, forgive truly and live freely and you will experience the bliss life has deeply buried in its guts!!



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