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Companion Of Despair

This feeling of worthlessness is taking a toll on me
The feeling of dejection is beginning to tear my soul apart…
You think you know how I feel?
Ever felt isolated and rejected?
Lived in pain so severe
with so much fear?
Felt sad and have not been able to explain why?
No I guess
Are you sick of crying?
tired of fighting a war in your head?
Are you struggling to live
yet deep down inside of you all you want to do is quit?
No you’re not!
Do you feel lost inside yourself
that you don’t want to be found?
Do you conceal pain and anger?
No you don’t!!!
You don’t know how I feel
I feel choked that I can’t take it anymore
sadness has been my everyday companion.
I’m sick of feeling empty inside
I’m sick of pretending I’m fine
I’m sick of fighting when I don’t have a hope of winning
I’m sick of feeling this way
I’m sick of being me!!!
I don’t want to wake up anymore
I don’t want to get out of bed
and I don’t want to keep trying
I just want to go away or disappear
I want to give up!!!
No you don’t know how I feel
and there is no lie in the truth that no one cares.
The feeling of depression is a common but serious mood disorder, more severe than
emotions that come and go. It is a constant feeling of being numb, numb to emotions,
numb to life. No one chooses to be depressed!
Depression is not something you can just tell someone to snap out of. One dies
gradually inside, yet one can’t explain exactly how one feels, they believe no one would
understand them.
Looking back at a recent case of a student who “allegedly” committed suicide
“because she had bad grades” come to think of it, what if her depression led to her
having bad grades, which perhaps seem too much to handle for her and then “SUICIDE
to the rescue” .
It’s high time we started taking depression cases serious, it is not a bad time one
will get over by one’s self in days, of course not. Depressed patients are not cowards,
they are just not as strong as you are, not strong enough to overcome bad times on their
Adeniyi Boluwatife A

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